NRL introduce new head injury mandate that Super League should copy

So much has been done to combat head injuries in modern rugby league.

As we begin to understand concussion more and moder sadly after the likes of Leeds Rhinos skipper Stevie Ward were forced into early retirement, more action is being taken in Super League in the NRL to combat head injuries and reduce the risk.

Now the NRL is reportedly set to put in mandate to further combat this.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, they are considering making it mandatory that every training session be filmed with recorded concussion issues to be reported to the league along with the necessary footage.

“We’ve put a range of measures in place to initially, in the first instance, treat head contact injuries at training the same way it is treated on game day,” NRL football boss Graham Annesley said to the Herald.

“Clubs have to apply ‘spotters’ at contact training sessions and additional training is available if needed. And any incidents of head contact where a player suffers indicators of a possible concussion needs to be reported. That has to then be reviewed by the doctor.

“We are requiring clubs to provide us with details of their contact training sessions and to videotape those sessions.

“So that when an incident does take place, we can review it medically. We are also requiring them to provide GPS data of their contact training sessions and we’ll be collating all of that data.

“It might be that nothing has to change based on the data. But rather than just make a subjective decision on what someone thinks is the right amount of contact training in any given week, we want to do it on the basis of scientific data.”

This begs the question, should Super League follow suit?

This week we spoke about the NRL rules Super League should emulate but of all the game rules, it is perhaps this one that they need to copy.