NRL giants told they need to pull star player into line after controversy at teammate’s wedding

There have been few week’s as big as this week for Penrith Panthers star and Samoa Rugby League World Cup star Brian To’o.

He signed a new deal with the NRL Champions, who are chasing a third consecutive title in 2023, after enjoying his wedding earlier in the week.

However, he made the bold decision to livestream the wedding in which Penrith and Samoa teammate Jarome Luai acted as best man.

Luai made a somewhat controversial best man’s speech, and subsequently apologised.

He took to social media to say: “Just wanna apologise for the words I spoke last night at my brothers wedding and how ashamed I am for embarrassing both families and my own. The excitement of the occasion definitely got the better of me and I took it to far. Not much I can do about it now but be a man about this mistake and learn from it. Apologies to everyone I’ve disrespected this is something I will always regret.

“Love you guys.”

The Panthers have subsequently been told to pull the star player in line.

This comes from Phil Rothfield of the Daily Telegraph.

He said:

“He needs to get rid of the dark sunglasses and he needs to grow up.

“He is a footy player, not a rock star.

“He needs someone strong at Penrith to pull him into line.”

If you want to know what was said, it was as follows: “My uso loves himself. If his phone gallery gets leaked one day, that’ll be the proof,” Luai said according to Zerotackle, after making comments on the personal hygiene of To’o that the Australian publication didn’t want to print.

“Seven weeks in England, walked into the room and basically all I seen was my uso taking selfies, my uso… face-timing (fiancée) Moesha.

“Sometimes I walk in, I hear things in the toilet,”

Luai reportedly back-tracked some of those comments soon after, following some stern looks from To’o.

“Chill, chill. I was joking, I’m about to get a hiding,” he said.

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