NRL controversy leads to explosive argument

At the end of last season, St George Illawarra Dragons made headlines when only three of their top 30 attended their end of season awards night.

This sparked huge controversy and has also led to a massive verbal battle between rugby league journalist Phil Rothfield and former cricketer Michael Clarke on the Big Sports Breakfast.

“They are not enjoyable nights,” Clarke said of awards nights.

“Allan Border Medal was compulsory. That’s why I went. If I was given the option, even winning Allan Border Medal, I wouldn’t have went.

“Because it’s never the end of season for us, for cricket. It’s a TV program, so everything on there is done for television.

“And then, you’ve got media around the whole time so you can’t unwind and drink, because there will be a photo or a video of someone being pissed or under the weather. Then you’ve got to read about that the next day.

“And then we generally had to go on tour or play a Test match, so we couldn’t really drink anyway.”

Rothfield was not happy with this.

“I’m really surprised you’re saying this, in that Allan Border is an Australian,” Rothfield said, before Clarke cut him off.

“It’s got nothing to do with Allan Border. Don’t go there, Buzz,” Clarke said.

Buzz: “Hold on, Clarkey. You and me will be in the biggest feuds when we get to them.”

Clarke: (Laughs). Allan Border’s a legend, mate. He’s the godfather. I love AB. Don’t make it personal.”

Buzz: “That’s why I thought you’d want to be there.”

Clarke: “Don’t make it personal.”

Buzz: “I’m not making it personal. You’re saying you don’t want to go to the awards night.”

Clarke: “I could go to Allan’s house and see him. I didn’t need to go to Crown Casino to see him. Don’t make it personal. It’s nothing to do with the medal being called after AB. AB is a legend, the godfather of Australian cricket, and I love him to bits. Nothing to do with him.”

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