NRL confirms one major rule change ahead of 2022 season

Rugby League mistake

Following consultation with all 16 clubs, the RLPA and stakeholders within the game, The Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) has approved one rule change for the 2022 NRL Telstra Premiership season.

The Commission has also approved game day policy amendments.

The rule change applies to the controversial six again rule which was first introduced to speed up the game.

But now, penalties will be awarded instead of set restarts (six again) for ruck or 10m infringements inside the 40m zone of the team in possession. This will provide an additional deterrence to defending teams who are willing to concede set restarts to gain a tactical advantage. It will also provide more opportunities for teams receiving the penalty to attack from a better field position.

There have also been a number of game day policy amendments in a bid to ensure things run as smoothly as possible.

Team List Announcements – To complement the addition of the 18th player rule introduced last season, team announcements on Tuesday will proportionately increase from 21 to 22 players.

Free Interchange – A free interchange will only be granted in instances of foul play where the offending player is sin binned or sent-off. A free interchange will no longer apply when players are placed on report.

Injury Stoppages – With the exception of head injuries, only a referee, touch judge or The Bunker will be permitted to stop play for an injury. Trainers will retain the ability to stop play where a head injury has occurred. Medical trainers will continue to have unlimited access to the field at any time to treat an injured player.

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