NRL club controversy after horror COVID-19 admission

Rugby League mistake

Manly Sea Eagles have created uproar in the NRL after it was revealed that their head of high performance has been allowed to work unvaccinated.

Don Singe has been supervising players as well as monitoring the off-season training programs of the Manly players, all while being unmasked and unvaccinated, despite the club’s health protocols in place.

The Manly Sea Eagles have created an NRL Covid furore by allowing their head of high performance to work unvaccinated while supervising players and overseeing the club’s off-season training programs.

The Daily Telegraph has obtained photographs from the club’s North Narrabeen training headquarters on Tuesday with Singe in charge of a two-hour session, donning a white mask around his wrist.

Proof of vaccination is required at the Manly training ground, with the government-owned fitness centre clearly displaying such protocol, yet Singe is able to come and go whenever he feels like it.

Manly’s chief executive Stephen Humphreys was adamant that the club was abiding by all medical guidelines.

“Don is discussing his situation with his GP and our chief medical officer,” Humphreys said.

“It’s under review at the moment is the way I’d describe it.

“I really don’t want to talk about the private health matters of any of my employees.

“It’s not my place to talk about his beliefs.”

Only six players currently remain unvaccinated throughout the whole NRL competition.

“Don is getting tested every day and completing all the details on his full whereabouts,” Humphreys continued.

“He’s wearing a mask and not going into shared areas of the facility.”

It’s a massive revelation at a time when NRL clubs have been actively pursuing a vaccination program, with Canterbury Bulldogs new recruit John Asiata having his contract terminated for refusing the jab.

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