NRL boss wants to secure competition’s future for 99 years as former Hull KR star remains to key to NRL’s future

The NRL itself, along with plenty of its star players, has an uncertain future as the competition negotiates a new deal.

Now Chairman Peter V’Landys has claimed he will deliver a deal that will ensure the future of the NRL for the next century.

“I joined the NRL on the platform that no club will ever leave the competition against their will,” V’landys said to the Daily Telegraph.

“We are going to introduce perpetual licenses which run forever.

“The law says we have to put a figure on it so it will be 99 years for arguments sake.

“From here on the clubs won’t have to sign a new agreement every 10 years,” V’landys said.

V’Landys elaborated on this using the Gold Coast Titans as an example.

“Right now the Titans have two great owners,” V’landys said, “I hope they keep the ownership forever.

“But what if they decide to sell down the track?

“What if we find out a year later that the new owner is actually an international cocaine smuggler.

“What if he goes to jail. It’s only that sort of scenario that might put a license at risk.”

It comes as a former Hull KR star stands at the centre of this storm.

Clint Newton is one of the best players to grace Super League and guided the Robins to their highest finish in Super League history when they finished fourth in 2009.

As president of the players association (the RLPA) he has huge power in these negotiations, maybe more so than V’Landys as with no players there is no NRL.

The players themselves want security which could come in the shape of an enhanced salary cap though this has yet to be confirmed which is stalling some club’s recruitment.

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