NRL boss praises Kristian Woolf’s “apprenticeship” with St Helens – “He is ready for the NRL”

After three Grand Final wins in three years as St Helens boss, Kristian Woolf has joined the NRL’s new club The Dolphins as assistant to former England boss Wayne Bennett.

After two years, he will replace Bennett as Head Coach at the club and has been dubbed “the chosen one” by some.

Bennett has been speaking to the press down under, Bennett praised Woolf and his “apprenticeship” at St Helens in the Betfred Super League.

“Kristian is ready for the NRL,” Bennett said according to the Daily Telegraph.

“I chose him because I believe he has done a great apprenticeship. He has been an assistant, but more importantly, he has coached his own teams in the Queensland Cup and has done a great job with St Helens.

“If you want to survive in the NRL these days, your best journey is to go and learn and be prepared to make sacrifices with your family, moving everywhere and anywhere.”

He also believes that Woolf, being from Queensland, is well placed to coach The Dolphins.

“I believe you need to be a Queenslander to coach the Dolphins,” Bennett added.

“You have to get Queensland. The majority of Queensland NRL clubs have Queensland kids.

“I’m not saying other coaches can’t be successful but you have to get Queenslanders. The Queensland people are different. It’s just a gut feel. It’s something that lives inside you. I’m not a psychologist, so I won’t bore you explaining it.

“But any Queenslander will tell you they are different. They get it. They don’t need it explained to them. Any Queenslander reading this story will know what I’m talking about.

“Kristian is a Queenslander. I actually don’t have a history with him, but I am confident in him and I have spoken to him enough times to know he has what it takes.

“I like his qualities and what he stands for. He is Mt Isa-born and you don’t need much more toughness than that. I just know he’s not a wimp. We will make it work.”

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