NRL announce rule changes

Rugby League mistake

The NRL have released the latest rule changes ahead of the 2020 season.

The first will see the addition of the 20/40 rule, which works the same as the 40/20 rule. If a side kicks from their own 20m line, and goes into touch on the opponents 40m line, then they will get a tap.

Another change will see teams have the option of where to take their scrum. They can either have it 10m in, 20m in, or the centre. They have five seconds to notify the referee of their choice.

Also, if the ball strikes the referee or a trainer, then the previous play-the-ball will be replayed.

Finally, tackling in the air will be outlawed.

NRL CEO Todd Greenburg told “We are constantly looking at ways to ensure the game is easier to officiate, and is also innovative and unpredictable.”

“We certainly feel these changes will have a positive impact on the sport.”

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