NRL All Stars game finds a new home so we’re asking should Super League introduce something similar

The All Stars game has often been seen as the start of the rugby league calendar in Australia for many years.

But due to the pandemic the game did not take place in 2021 but will be back with a bang in 2022 with the fixture headed to pastures new.

Having been held predominately in Gold Coast with one off appearances in Melbourne, Newcastle and Townsville, the game will take place at a new stadium in the shape of the CommBank Stadium in Sydney according to the Daily Telegraph.

The same report states that the game will take place on February 12th a week prior to the official trial matches between NRL clubs as they prepare for the 2022 campaign. It means, assuming Sky show the game as they often do with the biggest fixtures from down under, fans in England can enjoy a feast of rugby that morning sticking their teeth into this contest before turning their attentions to Channel 4’s first ever Super League game between Leeds and Warrington which kicks off at 12:30.

The return of this fixture down under is food for thought for those in England. Perhaps Super League could introduce a similar fixture to start the rugby league season. After all, it is often said that the Australians deal with representative and international rugby better than Super League with many people believing that this has led to their domination of the international game over the years with Great Britain last beating Australia back in 2006.

Perhaps, to replicate this fixture and support the international game in England, the start of the season could be heralded by a game between England and the rest of the home nations giving Shaun Wane another opportunity to bring his squad together and prepare for the big internationals at the end of the year whilst also helping the development of players from Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Alternatively, another fixture between England and the Combined Nations would also be beneficial and enhance the rivalry between the two sides as this would see them play each other multiple times a year providing the fixtures with greater pedigree further enhancing England’s preparations for clashes with Australia and New Zealand later in the year whether it be in the World Cup like this upcoming season or another form of international in 2023 and beyond.

If such a fixture could take place at a venue outside of the north of England, it could also help expand the game into new areas and get people from outside the heartlands excited for the new Super League season.

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9 months ago

It’s not about how many games there are, or who plays in them as the only thing that matters is getting fans to see it as meaningful, important, part of a larger international set up and worth turning up for!