Not everything as it seems with Asofa-Solomona incident

As you would likely already know, Melbourne Storm front-rower Nelson Asofa-Solomona was filmed in a fight with another civilian whilst in Bali for the Storm’s end of season holiday, with many media outlets purely reporting on the incident and possible punishments the New Zealand International could face, which many believe is painting the prop in a bad light as not all the facts are being reported.

Fox League commentator and former NRL player Braith Anasta was in Bali and actually spent some time with Asofa-Solomona and other Melbourne Storm players the night of the incident and had this to say:

“I spent the whole afternoon and night with them before the incident with Nelson (Asofa-Solomona) took place.

Every one of them gave their time to take photos and speak to fans. These young men are amazing role models for the Melbourne Storm and our game of rugby league.

I don’t condone the behavior of Nelson, but there is a complete other side to this story.

One of his team mates was king hit and he was also being threatened with a glass object. Nelson was defending his mates and his team mates.”