“No one should have to go through that”- Karl Pryce is “glad” Super League got rid of this

Speaking to Serious About Rugby League this week, former Bradford Bulls, Wigan Warriors and Harlequins winger Karl Pryce opened up on whether IMG’s decision to return to licencing in Super League in the coming years is a good idea or if it will cost Super League something.

You can read about that here.

As Pryce spoke about this, he opened up on the “fear of relegation” and what it’s like for a player to have to deal with that.

This led him onto the Million Pound Game and why he is glad this system is no longer in place:

“The fear of relegation, when we went to the Million Pound game it was exciting, but as a player you wouldn’t want to be involved because the players are not protected and that’s what I thought was bad.

“It’s like okay be relegated, but you can’t be relegated and lose a 60 grand contract and have no club, that’s a scary prospect and no one should have to go through that as a person in society let alone a player.

“The build up to a Grand Final is exciting and it’s a huge game, the Million Pound Game is a bit like a gamble. Gambling 60 grand on an 80 minute performance where you have no control over the other 16 players that you rely on because it’s not just you you’re relying on.

“A couple of players might have an off day and you lose your livelihood, your contract because of it. It doesn’t bare thinking about, I’m so glad they’ve stopped that.”

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