New Castleford Tigers signing and ex-Sunderland goalkeeper reveals all on stunning Super League move

When a Sunderland goalkeeper gives up football to go down the route of the oval ball, it is always a story to follow.

That is the path of new Castleford Tigers signing Kieran Hudson who began his short rugby league career at Newcastle Thunder, progressed to Whitehaven and then signed for Lee Radford’s side ahead of the 2022 Super League season.

It has been a tricky path for the Geordie to follow, but it’s only been in the last year where he has believed in himself to make the best of his potential.

“I’ve always been told by my parents that I am able to do whatever I want to do,” Hudson told The Full Eighty Minutes podcast.

“I’ve got that raw talent but it was always my self-doubt and I never really believed in myself until last year when I thought I’d give it a shot.

“From there I started believing in myself and then when you believe in yourself you can pretty much do anything.”

Hudson has revealed just how surreal it has been training with players who he has always looked up to.

“It’s definitely surreal, you are training with blokes who you’ve been watching on telly and these guys who are having these interviews on Sky Sports.

“You start questioning yourself: how am I here? You feel like an imposter, so it is a bit strange. How am i here with all these superstars?

“The transition is good, they’ve all been really welcoming and they are all a good set of lads.

“Radders is a tough old boot. I wouldn’t want to mess with him to be fair.”

Hudson had one message for Castleford fans and wants to make his debut for the Tigers in 2023.

“I definitely run hard and tackle hard. Getting into the first-team is definitely my goal. I want to be a sponge of knowledge from the other blokes and Radders.

“My main part is working on my knowledge. Coming from somewhere very football-orientated, rugby league is not big up there.

“Lads that have played rugby league since they were five, they have a headstart on me and I’ve got to understand little parts of the game.”

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