“Never felt so let down by the RFL” – Featherstone Chairman gives his view on IMG Grading

Recently Featherstone Rovers Chairman Mark Campbell, who has invested so much and given so much to the club, has been more than outspoken on Facebook and social media in general.

He has spoken again this week underlining his disappointment at their defeat to Halifax Panthers in the Challenge Cup yesterday saying that he hasn’t seen any improvement since Round One.

He stated in a comment on Facebook: “I’ve seen this performance coming over the past month and haven’t seen any improvement since we beat a poor Keighley team rest assured I won’t tolerate this shit.”

Campbell has had his say on the IMG grading criteria which was proposed last week with Campbell saying that this is the Rovers’ last chance to get to Super League through the normal route:

“We have to do it this year its our last chance.

“Its franchise dressed up and presented as grading this will kill anyone investing in a club outside of the top 12 and the next broadcasting deal will be less than this one with nothing for the Championship or League 1 and we don’t get much anyway but no guaranteed promotion for winning a Grand Final will kill not only investment but I’m pretty sure will hammer attendances and they say their here to grow the sport.”

He also pointed out that there is no focus on community and academies.

He said: “You don’t get any points for any of participation / community / or producing players. Never felt so let down by the RFL.”

He follows Keighley Cougars’ opposition of the proposals from IMG.

They have highlighted the problem with the focus on catchment which would work against them and Featherstone.

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