My Top 5: Jy Hitchcox names the best 5 players he has played against

The latest ‘My Top 5’ comes from winger Jy Hitchcox, who currently plays for Toulouse Olympique after spells at Featherstone, Castleford and Bradford.

Below are, in Jy’s words, the five best players he has played against in his career so far.

5. Tommy Makinson

He’s a threat anywhere on the park and playing against him was always a hard task. He’s fast, strong and good in the air and his metres per game speaks for itself.

4. Ricky Leutele

He’s a really strong runner of the ball that sucks in defenders every time he receives it. Trying to tackle him one-on-one is always difficult.

3. Jonny Lomax

I really rate this guy; he has a massive work ethic and could play consistently well anywhere from 1-7. He always seems to do his job at a high level – I think he’s one of the best players in England.

2. Ben Barba

A player that defines the X Factor. He could flip a game on its head like a switch. He was the kind of player that everyone on the park needs to keep an eye on and for that reason he’s number two on my list.

1. James Maloney

Some players just look like they can create more time than others and James is one of them that always seemed to have an extra few seconds. I made my NRL debut against him at the Roosters; he had a great kicking game, controlled his team and his fierce sledging was second to none!

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