My Top 5: Damien Blanch names the best 5 players he has played against

The latest ‘My Top 5’ comes from former winger Damien Blanch, who last played in the Super League for Catalans Dragons after spells at Castleford, Widnes and Wakefield.

Below are, in Damien’s words, the five best players he has played against in his career.

5. Danny Brough

He was the hardest kicking halfback to defend against. No one in Super League could consistently kick as well as him. Broughy was also a terror on the field, he had so much attitude but it worked entirely in his favour.

4. Trent Barrett

The best stand-off I played against by a mile. I never knew if he was going to throw a long ball or kick behind. By the time I worked it out, Wigan had usually scored!

3. Francis Meli

I could hardly walk after most games versus St Helens, mainly because of him! He was tough to bring down and you knew if you had been hit by him.

2. Jamie Lyon

I was just learning how to defend on the wing when I first played him. He was the best at drawing in the opposite winger and putting his own winger away. So skilful, yet so powerful; he could do anything on the field.

1. Pat Richards

I had some great battles with Pat; his gangly elbows and knees beat me many times. He was an absolute machine and could jump above anyone.