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Morgan Knowles believes rugby league is headed for “sorry state” unless IMG prompt big change

St Helens star Morgan Knowles is “interested” to see what changes IMG could make to Super League in the years to come.

The St Helens loose-forward has also called for change to ensure the sport doesn’t continue down the path to “a sorry state.”

He said to Serious About Rugby League:

“It will be interesting what changes come in here next year. Something has to change, the path we are on now, we are not going up we are either stagnate or going down. So if it carries on it could be a sorry state in years to come.

“Hopefully IMG or whoever can get a hold of it because the players keep delivering and the teams keep putting on great performances. It is the other stuff around it that needs to be shook up.”

Knowles wants to show the quality of Super League by beating Penrith in the World Club Challenge:

“We have a great competition over here. I am proud to play in Super League and England.

“I am hoping to put a good display over there and come back with the trophy.”

He also underlined what needs to change to make Super League as strong as it should be:

“It is probably outside my capabilities with marketing Super League, we have a great competition over here.

“I don’t think enough is done to market it and get it on TV and get more people watching. It is a great spectacle.”

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