Mitchell Pearce prefers UK coverage of rugby league to Australian media

There is often a comparison between the way rugby league is covered in Australia to Europe.

This is because in Australia the game is essentially like the Premier League in Britain whereas rugby league has so much to compete with over here.

That said, former NRL star turned Super League star Mitchell Pearce has suggested that he actually prefers the coverage over here because it’s less draining.

“I think all of the external media back there drains you after a while,” he said on The Bench podcast.

“You’ve obviously got Sky Sports over here but you don’t get the same media attention in the Super League with football and all the other sports in Europe, there’s a big log-jam of sports.

“It gets a bit suffocating back home with that media attention, and so being in France where Perpignan is also a big union town as well the freedom has been good.”

He went on to explain why the media is so draining down under: “The Daily Telegraph, which is the main paper, have rugby league as being basically the main advertisement for that paper. So there’s three or four pages, sometimes front pages but mainly on the backs, and they’ve got the Fox Sports shows and then there’s Channel Nine.

“There’s shows on nearly every night analysing games and they talk a lot more about people’s private lives as well.

“There’s just a lot more attention and you feel that more at the clubs, especially when you’re losing because coaches are under a lot more pressure publicly.

“Especially in big games, your Origin series and stuff like that, there’s a lot of talk and speculation which is also a privilege and brings opportunities but the external pressure is constant media speculation which you don’t get over here.”

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