Mitchell Moses’ Parramatta Eels future laid bare

Mitchell Moses is set to test the open market at the end of the NRL season.

In doing so, question marks have been raised over his value – how much is he worth and will Parramatta Eels agree?

“That’s the million dollar question because as we see the rise in interest for halves, the debate will be that Mitchell Moses is contracted to the Eels until the end of 2023,” The Daily Telegraph’s David Riccio said on NRL 360.

“But effectively the Eels have six months to retain him or he will go to the open market from November 1.”

With that impending date, the Eels will almost certainly want to tie down Moses to a deal, but it will come down to the question of value.

“The question is what is he worth it and the understanding at this point in time is the Eels will have to get to around that million dollar mark to retain him,” Riccio added.

“The early indications are that Moses will test his worth on the open market.

“So he will go to November 1. We have seen what has happened with the Eels in the past around contract situations and certainly around semi-final period.

“That will be a fascinating process if Mitchell, one of their biggest names declares that he is going to go beyond the finals to test his worth.”

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Andrew Webster told SEN 1170 Mornings on Friday that Moses should be “close enough” to being a million-dollar player, although the elephant in the room is regarding his lack of a premiership.

“Look, I have to say given the market he’d have to be close enough to it,” Webster said in response to whether Moses is a $1 million player on SEN 1170 Mornings.

“He’s a very good player Mitchell, he’s improved out of sight the last couple of years.

“But until he becomes a premiership winning halfback, people are going to question whether he deserves to be on that amount of money.”

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Mark Plumley
Mark Plumley
1 month ago

Mitchell Moses will not win a premiership with parramatta because they don’t know how to win one besides he is not worth one million dollars a season he has not played enough Games for Australia or origin games at half back or five Egiht to Qualify as a million dollar player