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“Might be in his favour” – Sam Tomkins suggests Adam Keighran might escape ban

Wigan Warriors won the Challenge Cup final warm-up against the Warrington Wolves. Head coach, Matt Peet, elected to name a strong side for the game against a much-changed Wolves line-up. the Warriors held on for a tight 19-18 win, but the victory came at a cost. Sam Tomkins has now weighed in on the debate around the game’s most controversial incident.

in the 69th minute, Adam Keighran received a red card for a high shot on Warrington youngster, Arron Lindop. Keighran’s shoulder was judged to have made direct contact with Lindop’s head, with referee, Jack Smith, showing no hesitation in sending Keighran off.

The decision to show Keighran a red card means he faces a nervous wait to see whether he will be available for next weekend’s Challenge Cup final. Given the decision to show him a straight red, he is likely to receive a ban for the incident, unless mitigating factors can be found.

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Wigan Warriors man will be a huge loss

Wigan Warriors

Credit: Imago Images

According to Wigan legend, Sam Tomkins believed a big loss for Wigan. Despite the contact with the head Tomkins believe there may be some mitigation in the fact Lindop was falling under the contact from Nsemba. Speaking on Sky Sports, he stated:

“His legs have been taken, he’s very low, but there’s contact with the head. You know, the more you watch it, the tougher it is to look at and favour Adam. He’s a friend of mine I really do hope he gets to run out at Wembley next week. but it’s going to be a nervous couple of days for the wigan club and Adam himself.” Tomkins said.

“Yeah, he’s a starter, an out-and-out starter for the Wigan side. that’s one of the risks of playing one of your top players. You risk injury, you risk suspension, it was a clumsy collision.

“The fact that it was only a metre off the floor might lean in Adam’s favour, but it will certainly be looked at in the week”

Fellow pundit, Jodie Cunningham, believes Keighran will be hugely disappointed with potentially missing next week’s Wembley showpiece, and his teammates will be similarly disappointed for him.

“Look, there’s a cost to that win, and it was just a win in the end. we did not expect this scoreline by any stretch but there’s a cost now to that win. Adam Keighran is going to be gutted this week.

“His teammates are going to be gutted for him”

Sam Tomkins question rules around head contact

Wigan Warriors

Credit: Imago Images

In the aftermath of the decision, Tomkins questioned the rules around head contact. Under the current rules, players have a duty of responsibility to expect the attacking player to be dropping in height. Tomkins believes this places an unrealistic expectation on the defender.

“The wording of the ruling that you’ve got to expect a player to drop height. I don’t know how a player can expect that. He doesn’t know how Junior Nsemba’s going to tackle him from the inside. He doesn’t know if he’s going to break through that tackle.

“If Nsemba’s not there, he comes in for him at full height and it’s a good tackle. This is at full speed, but when you slow it down, you think he’s clearly going to makew contact with the head.

“A lot of onus gets but on players to expect a player’s height to drop which I don’t think is fair.”

However Cunningham believes, given the current climate around head contact, the players have a responsibility not to make contact.

“We all know the position we are in with head contacts, and defensive players have the responsibility not to make contact. then its forceful contact. It’s a the level of contact that’s going into that.

“Look maybe the player dropping is going to help him, maybe its going to save him, but its going to be a tough couple of days.”

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