Michael Carter reveals this “failure” and this “bitter” experience prompted resignation

Wakefield Trinity made a big announcement this week in the shadow of IMG’s grading criteria.

They announced that CEO Michael Carter was set to depart during the 2023 season.

This came as he cited in his resignation two main reasons for his decision to depart including his failure to engage the wider public in Wakefield into the sport.

He said:

“The failure to engage the wider general public in Wakefield to come and attend games has been very disappointing for me. Clearly whatever I have attempted has failed and we have never been able to match the average 6300 fans needed to enable us to spend up to the salary cap.”

Furthermore, he also spoke about a frustrating experience with an RFL investigation to do with an allegation from agent which left a “bitter taste” which has helped prompt his departure.

“In September of last year, I was charged by the RFL following a complaint from an agent. I successfully defended myself against this unfounded charge, thanks in no small part to the kind words from other agents I have dealings with. I understand fully that the RFL have a duty to investigate any complaints but the whole episode left a bitter taste in my mouth, with my integrity having been questioned.”

It cannot be disputed that he has done a terrific job at the club.

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