Carter urges fans to stop abusing officials

Michael Carter match officials

Wakefield chairman Michael Carter has urged Rugby League supporters to stop abusing match officials.

His comments come after referee James Child was struck by a plastic cup while leaving the pitch in yesterday’s game between Salford and Leeds.

In his statement, which was aimed at his own fans and the sport as a whole, Carter has urged everyone in the game to start showing more respect.

“For me, abuse of referees, opposition fans, opposition players and our own players is purely not acceptable anymore in this day and age,” he said.

“There is absolutely no reason to abuse officials that are providing a service to our game. I’m sick of it.

“I stand down at the tunnel at our ground at the end of games and hear vitriol being spouted towards match officials and opposition players.

“It’s time for it to stop, we have to stop it as a sport and as a club as well. Our sport needs to set an example and abuse will not be tolerated. We are all in it together and we need it to stop.”

The Rugby Football League are currently investigating the incident following the game at the AJ Bell Stadium yesterday and will provide an update when complete.