‘Medical emergency’ halts Featherstone Rovers’ important fixture

There seems to be a growing issue with ‘medical emergencies’ taking place in the terraces and amongst fans.

A number of games have been stopped in 2022 due to a fan or spectator needing urgent medical attention as paramedics rush to their aid.

Well, the same was true of Featherstone Rovers’ away clash at Barrow Raiders yesterday in which the game was halted as a fan received assistance on. the terraces.

Rovers’ social media account, tweeted during the game: “STOPPAGE | A medical emergency in the crowd brings the game to a halt. (18-22).”

Rovers then tweeted directly after: “As play resumes we send our best wishes to the person in question. They are now making their way to hospital thanks to the quick response of the emergency services.”

It’s great to see that there was quick action to help those on the terraces as Featherstone had the same issue a number of months ago when a lifelong fan was taken ill only to be saved by the rapid response of the on-site hospital stuff who treated the fan there as well as taking him to hospital after the game.

That proved to be incredible timing as the fan recovered and is now back in full health – hopefully, fingers crossed, that is exactly what happens with the person taking ill over the weekend.

Everyone at Serious About Rugby League would like to pass on their well-wishes to the spectator was taken il and pray for his/her speedy recovery.

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