McNamara: Remove the salary cap

Speaking after surviving relegation in the Million Pound Game, Catalans head coach Steve McNamara has called for there to be no Super League salary cap.

First introduced in 1998, the salary cap has remained in place ever since with it’s primary aim to make the competition a level playing field.

Super League clubs approved proposals earlier this year to increase the cap over the next three seasons, eventually rising to £2.1 million by the 2020 season.

However, former England coach McNamara doesn’t think there should be a salary cap at all and has also called for the Million Pound Game to be scrapped.

“If you want promotion and relegation, take the gloves off and have no salary cap. Let the clubs spend what they want,” he said.

“There’s lots of tears in the dressing room. They’re tears of relief, there was a release of a huge amount of tension from everybody involved.

“I thought our players showed huge respect at the end of the game and I was pleased about that. We probably produced our best performance of the season under the most extreme pressure.”