McDermott: Our kicking game cost us

Toronto Wolfpack Head Coach Brian McDermott has admitted his side’s kicking game is not good enough at the moment.

McDermott was reacting to the Wolfpack’s 32-10 defeat to Wigan Warriors on Thursday night.

The turning point came when the scores were locked at 10-10, Josh McCrone put a kick towards the in-goal, but it was caught easily. The Warriors then went the full length of the pitch to score through Joe Burgess.

The former Leeds coach said:”We ended up ultimately losing the game which just came down to one or two moments there.

“I don’t rate our kicking game at the moment. If you’re going to play like we do, you’re going to have to finish at least with some control.

“But credit to Wigan, one thing I will say, and I said to the players beforehand, as soon as you ease off the gas for whatever reason, they’ll come back at you. And they did.

“When we kicked that ball in the middle of the field and they had a tap to restart and scored length of the field, they do that here. That’s what they do here.

“They’re always waiting for you just to drop off a little bit. In many respects, I’m pleased with where we are at the moment, we’re competing, we’re fighting for each other, we’re improving week on week.”

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