McDermott launches attack on Super League

Toronto Wolfpack Head Coach Brian McDermott has said the game is lacking integrity following the decision to not to readmit his side.

McDermott said he was stunned by the decision, and believes the decision was not about Toronto, but the power struggle between Super League and the RFL.

He believes Toronto is just the stick both organisations are using to beat each other with.

He said: “It is easy to get caught up in who said what, but if you take a step back at some point the RFL allowed Toronto in the league, while Super League watched on. They probably had concerns about them being admitted.

“They didn’t say anything at the time, it was only when we got promoted we found out there was strong opposition to the Wolfpack being in the Super League that we were made unemployed overnight.

“Surely there should have been an exit strategy, they should have said we dont think¬† they bring anything there should have been a strategy over a year or two.

“COVID and why we stood down is an ugly part, but it shouldnt have shut us down. They may talk to Catalans or Toulouse and work out a plan.

“A few people in suits looked on from a distance, haven’t spoken to enough people and made the wrong call. This highlights how flawed the dual governance of rugby league is and how much it is hurting the game.

“At the moment, there are two governing bodies with different ideas. Toronto is the stick they are trying to beat each other with.”

McDermott also called on Super League Executive Chairman Robert Elstone to make a call on where the game goes now with regards to expansion.

He added:”Based on evidence I don’t believe in, I think it is the wrong call for the game. What next is my question to Robert Elstone.

“If not us, what is the answer?

“Everyone recognises our game desperately needs to go to bigger audiences. I cannot see any growth beyond the M62 anymore. If it isn’t us, whats next?

“I don’t think it was fair. I’m not a businessman but what I read is we cannot work out how you can make money for Toronto and the Super League.”