Matt Peet explains why Wigan Warriors lost to Hull FC and says lessons will be learnt

Yesterday, for the second game in a row Wigan suffered defeat. Not ideal preparation for a Challenge Cup Final.

Nonetheless, the performance in their 31-22 loss to Hull FC was much improved after a disappointing loss to Huddersfield last week the very side Wigan are set to battle against at the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium.

After the game, Matt Peet reflected on the defeat and said lessons would be learnt according the club’s official website: “The overwhelming feeling isn’t frustration it’s more about the things we can learn and I saw some good signs.

“There’s plenty of lessons to learn but I’m glad we don’t have to talk about our energy or desire. There’s a few technical things we need to fix, the start hurt us as we came up against a strong team.

“I thought we were resilient. There was a time where Hull were clearly the better team, got a few scores and that’s credit to them but our response was positive. We worked our way back into the game but things didn’t play out in the second half but it wasn’t through a lack of effort.”

He also said they won’t be able to make these mistakes against Huddersfield in the cup final: “Some of the things we did, particularly in those first 20 minutes – you can’t do against any team. It’s not a matter of moving on, it’s fixing what we just did to go a long way going into next week.”

You can read his full comments here.

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