Matt Peet eager to be motivated by ‘success instead of jealousy’ as Wigan Warriors hunt down St Helens

St Helens have been the dominant side over the past decade truly but they’ve rubber stamped it with four successive Grand Final wins and they’ll now push on for a fifth.

Stopping that fifth win in a row is the task and aim of every other Super League side but there’s one team that has hung around and almost kept pace across these past four years, and that is Wigan Warriors.

Now led by young coach Matt Peet he’s claimed that they want to be the side to knock the Red Vee off their perch.

Winning the Challenge Cup in his maiden year as coach clearly wasn’t enough for Peet as he’s revealed his goals for 2023 at the Super League launch.

If he’s motivated by St Helens, he responded: “I think it does, it’s important to our fans that we have success. We get reminded a lot that Saints are the best team.

“The pain of last year is a bigger motivator, you should be motivated by your own success, not jealousy”

Wigan crashed out in the semi-finals to Leeds, having finished four points shy of Saints for the League Leaders Shield as well.

One success they did have, and one that’s sure to motivate the Cherry and Whites for more success, was their Challenge Cup victory and Peet is hoping that can fuel a title charge this year.

“We’d love to be the team that ends it but they do a lot of good things.”

As reward for their success St Helens are currently down under, set to contest the World Club Challenge, something Wigan haven’t done in a while and they’re aiming to emulate Wigan’s iconic victory on Australian soil from the mid 1990’s.

If Saints are to do that then the jealousy Peet speaks of could grow even more.

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