Matt Peet addresses red card incident

After his side showed amazing character to defeat Warrington Wolves today despite going down to 12 men, Wigan Warriors boss Matt Peet spoke on BBC.

“Yeah it was dramatic. We gave everything there. Two good teams,” Peet said on the matter.

“I don’t think either team played as well as they wanted to with the ball.

“But it was the effort and commitment that got us over the line.”

He was also full of praise for some of his players including Ethan Havard:

“I think he can be one of the elite players in the country. We have a lot to be exciting. That was a good performance from him.

“It was a great performance all the way through. We kept checking on him and checking on.

“Brad O’Neill impressed as well as did Harry Smith.”

The big talking point was the red card.

When asked about it, Peet said:

“I did feel that we were calm. We were calm and fit. We are very confident to start a game well that we can introduce fatigue in the game and have a good chance.

“Even before that I could see that we were at it. We picked the team to do so.

“We defended really well.”

That said he called on his side to improve:

“We have plenty to improve, I don’t think we finished sets very well.”