Matt Dufty opens up on nasty injury and NRL media

Matt Dufty has all the tools to be one of the biggest and brightest stars of Super League in 2023.

After making the move to Warrington Wolves last season, he showed glimpses of the class he will bring the Wolves moving forward with speed and power.

However, it is mental strength that could be key and he, alongside teammates George Williams and Peter Mata’utia, spoke about the importance of mental health on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch recently.

“Going out there every week and playing footy against tough people, obviously injuries as well,” Dufty said of the difficulties he faces.

“Recovering from an injury is probably mentally one of the hardest things you have to do in sport and we’re lucky that we have physios and people who care about us.”

He also opened up on a nasty injury he picked up during his time in the NRL:

“I had a facial fracture in a game, I shattered my cheek bone and that was hard because it was a pre-season trial. The season hadn’t started yet, we were one week from starting the year and I got set back four weeks and that really hurt me. The recovery is pretty hard too because you can run, you can lift weights, there’s not much you can’t do.”

In terms of things that make mental health difficult for Dufty, he also spoke about the challenges of the Australian media:

“In Australia the NRL is like the Premier League, it’s the biggest sport especially on the west coast and the media is really prominent. You have one bad game and you’re in the media and for me I didn’t really read it but my mum, my dad, my girlfriend all read that and they’re calling me but it would affect them which would affect me.”

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