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Masters look forward to 2018

January is now the time of year when Rugby League supporters and players look forward to the new season and to getting their Rugby League fix.  However, Rugby League is not just for Super League and Championship players and the thousands of juniors and community club players, it is also for those over 35 years of age!

Yes, Masters Rugby League is entering its 11th year!  2018 is shaping up to be another year of progress and of course of fun for those lads in their last 30’s, 40’s. 50’s 60’s 70’s and yes in their 80’s who put on their boots and play Masters Rugby League. Anyone in this age group can register and play Masters Rugby League. Masters is about having fun and every game is a 0-0 draw: the socialising off the pitch is just as important!

Masters is the social version of Rugby League which age limited to those who have reached their 35th birthday. The all-inclusive game has players’ ages denoted by their short colour which also designates how they are tackled and how they effect a tackle.

2017 was a record year with almost 1500 registered players with in excess of 120 playing opportunities and the largest ever tour party travelling with the Great Britain Masters tour to New Zealand and Australia.

Although we are still in January, the 2018 “season” has already begun with the first game having taken place on January 13th as Guiseley hosted Methley at their charity day. Teams are currently finalising their fixtures for 2018 which will include the five centrally organised festivals.

March will see the arrival of the Australian Masters tourist who will play 5 games across the country including the international day at Leigh easts on 10th March.

Masters Rugby League Festivals


Saturday 28th April  Venue: TBC

South East

Saturday 2nd June   Venue: South London Silverbacks


Saturday 14th July   Venue: Stanningley, Leeds

North West

Saturday 4th August   Venue: Crosfields, Warrington


Saturday 8th September  Venue: Stanley Park, Blackpool

Australia Masters Tour Games

Game 1

Barrow Stadium, Barrow – Saturday 3rd March  Host: Barrow Masters

Game 2

Crosfields, Warrington – Wednesday 7th March  Host: Crosfields Masters

Game 3 – International v Great Britain Masters

Leigh Easts, Leigh – Sunday 10th March  Host: Leigh Easts Masters

Game 4

KCOM Craven Park, Hull – Wednesday 14th August  Host: Hull Masters

Game 5

London Silverbacks– Saturday 17th March Host: South London Silverbacks Masters

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