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Masters enjoy playing on and off the pitch

All Masters Rugby League players look forward to their time out on the pitch but also enjoy the social side of Masters.

It is amazing that we can all play Rugby League at our age, 35 years to 80 years plus!! and fully enjoying our time on the pitch together not with adversaries but with mates in the true spirit of Masters.  Masters is a social version of Rugby League and allows the “more mature players” to get out and do what we love best: play Rugby League.

“We do not stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing” is the motto of Masters Rugby League.

And that’s what we do! Some week in week out and some just a few times a year.

But what we all do every game, is enjoy the social side of Masters!

One team that have fun “in spades” is Leeds Masters!  The epitomise everything that is good about Masters. Formed several years ago from the Masters at Stanningley, East Leeds, Milford, Farnley and West Leeds Rugby League clubs, they gelled together into a bunch of mates – both lads and lasses!

Their Sunday morning “rain or shine” training sessions are legendary!

And their social events are the height of madness!

There are now over 1500 registered Masters players having fun and living the dream!

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