Masoe to deliver ball for Grand Final

The Super League have announced former Hull KR forward Mose Masoe has agreed to deliver the match ball at the 2020 Super League Grand Final on Friday 27 November.

Masoe suffered a career-ending spinal injury during a pre-season match against Wakefield Trinity, which left him unable to walk.

In May he took his first, unaided steps after being told he would never walk again.

Masoe said: “It is a great honour for me and my family to be asked to deliver the match ball at the Betfred Super Grand Final.

“The support of everyone in the rugby league family has been truly humbling; the support and words of so many people has kept me inspired and motivated each day to keep making progress.

“I can’t thank everyone enough.

“By walking out with the ball I hope it can inspire others to continue to work hard, and take tiny steps each day towards their goal.”

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