Mark Aston slams officials for “spoiling” game as his side are reduced to 10 men

Yesterday Featherstone Rovers and Sheffield Eagles met in a strange game.

The two battled to the death. In the end Featherstone maintained their unbeaten record and built a six point lead.

However, bizarrely Sheffield were reduced to 10 men at one stage.

Now Mark Aston has slammed the officials for spoiling the game with the yellow cards that were shown.

“I guess it would have been quite an entertaining game if it had been allowed to be,” he said on the club’s YouTube channel.

“The scoreline suggests that but 13 against 10, really? There’s some questions that need answering because the two teams, the thirteens that were out there I thought had a dig and it was good but it was spoilt.

“We showed a lot of character, a lot of effort and there was plenty of positives.

“I don’t think it was our best game, I don’t think we played but I don’t think we were allowed to.

“I thought the game was stop start and frustrating and all those things probably boiled over at times.

“I can’t knock them for their effort. I thought when we were down to 10 we had to scramble.”

He then asked of the officials:

“What happens to them and who wants to ask them questions? Because my players have busted themselves today to come up with a performance they can be proud of and I thought we got let down.”

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