Mark Applegarth praises Leeds Rhinos star for not milking red card

Yesterday, Mark Applegarth’s Wakefield Trinity side picked up their first win of the season despite being reduced by a red card.

After the game, Mark Applegarth had his say on the red card decision:

“Obviously Hugo’s really disappointed that he’s got that red card but I thought before that he was putting himself about.

“I thought it’s a red there’s no questions about it I thought referee yeah he dumped him on his head I don’t think there were any intent but yeah there’s no moans from us there we deserved red card and Hugo’s disappointed but you know that’s the rules of the game isn’t it.

“Credit to Richie Myler for not staying down.”

Applegarth also spoke about the impact of the card on the game:

“I thought it could go one of two ways, they were really confident at half time that if we kept his foot on the throw and you know kept his completions high in yardage and kept on moving the ball around in good ball.

“You know Leeds were coming away in error too, especially coming out of their own half so we’re still pretty confident and I thought it’s going to go one of two ways this, we’re either going to drop their heads and you know let them get back into it or we’re going to keep his foot on the throw and keep that pressure on so just glad that they chose the latter and showed what character they’ve got.”