Mark Applegarth has say on Wakefield pitch

One of the main talking points this week was the pitch at Wakefield which plunged their game against Huddersfield into doubt.

The game went ahead and after the contest Wakefield boss Mark Applegarth gave an update on the pitch:

“I think the two weeks off it has done its job. I know it’s Hull KR in three weeks not but it’s getting a lot of treatment and when speaking to greenspeople they said as soon as it’s got grass on it, it’ll be a lovely field.”

He also gave an assessment of the performance and whether he is concerned by back to back games without a try:

“I thought they were excellent on capitalising on our errors and putting us boxes where they trapped us and said ‘go on, get out and avoid more errors.

“Our focus has been on not conceding points after last week and I thought we did well, it’s just about putting together the attack from Catalans with the defence from tonight. Hopefully we can find that mix.”

He also explained why Liam Kay was his preferred option at fullback in the absence of Max Jowitt:

“I’m really proud of Liam and his application. I thought he were one of our better players on that.

“I could tell Liam he was playing front-row and he’d get out there. He’s just a competitor who wants to play. We tried Gaskell there last week and Soni at six due to the 21 that we’d named. We were hesitant to disrupt the partnership between Mason and Lee after how it worked against Catalans, so that was the thinking behind putting Liam at full-back. I thought he did a really good job to be honest.”

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