Marc Sneyd reveals why he left Hull FC to join Salford Red Devils

At the end of the 2021 season, Marc Sneyd completed a transfer from Hull FC to Salford Red Devils.

It really did take everyone by surprise, but it paved the way for Luke Gale to then make the move from Leeds Rhinos to Hull, completing a rather surprising transfer chain.

However, Sneyd has spoken about just why he chose to leave the Black and Whites for his former side Salford.

“The rugby side wasn’t really massively involved in the decision,” Sneyd said.

“It was more the offer I was given, I couldn’t turn it down and it gave us that little bit of security over the next few years and gives us that opportunity to move back to everybody.

“Both sides of the contract talks from Hull and Salford were incredible, Hull were very understanding and obviously Salford were happy that I was very keen to move back.”

The halfback spent seven years at the MKM Stadium and he has nothing but fond memories of his time there.

“There’s not many things that I look back on and think I hated that – I loved every bit of it.

“I kept myself away from the city centre so I didn’t get caught up because everyone knows what it’s like in Hull with the rugby side of things – I lived in Brough just outside the city and that helped massively.”

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