Marc Sneyd on ‘absolute nightmare’ off the field as he prepares for something ‘completely different’ on it

After playing six seasons under Lee Radford and then one under Brett Hodgson at Hull FC, Marc Sneyd now has to learn from another head coach for the third time in three years.

Paul Rowley is a coach that Sneyd has never played under before and he’s a coach that has never had a Super League gig before.

And, Rowley’s influence has been felt throughout the squad, with wholesale changes to how the Red Devils will play coming into being.

“I haven’t played in a Paul Rowley team before, so it’s something completely different than I’ve ever been used to,” Sneyd said.

“I’ve just been learning as quick as I possibly can just the same as everybody else.

“Even the players who were here last year they probably feel like they are part of a different team this year.”

Though wanting to move from Hull to Salford before the season begins this weekend, Sneyd revealed that hasn’t been possible with the situation being mightily difficult.

“We’re having an absolute nightmare that side of things, but we’re trying our best to get over there as quick as we can.

“I’m staying over there two nights a week at my mum and dads in order to break that journey up from Hull.

“I was hoping to be in the new house before the start of the season but it doesn’t look like that now – it’s the solicitor’s job!”

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