Mal Meninga’s ominous warning for England and other nations after World Cup win

Mal Meninga once again led Australia to Rugby League World Cup glory at the weekend as his Australia side defeated Samoa 30-10.

It was the end of a long journey for Australia who at the start of the six week period were playing their first game since 2019 and their shock defeat to Tonga.

They had been questioned especially their superiority as some potential Kangaroo stars opted to play for other nations whilst some questioned whether they had the same pride in the jersey as others.

So after their victory, former St Helens centre Meninga said he was relieved at the end of “a fantastic tournament.”

“From a coaching perspective I’m very relieved,” he said, “It’s been a fantastic tournament.”

“I’m excited for the players, I’m really happy for the whole group. This is their moment. It’s not just these last seven weeks, it’s because they’ve played so well for so long.”

He also had an ominous message for the rest of rugby league.

There has been plenty of talk since the game about how the likes of Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand and Shaun Wane’s England can find a way to dethrone the three times reigning Champions.

However, he has warned everyone that this is just the beginning for this team: “This is only the beginning of this team, they are going to be together for four, five or six years.

“We understand no one wants to see us win.”

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