Luke Gale speaks out on controversial moment

Leeds’ Luke Gale has used his column in the Yorkshire Evening Post to outline his frustration at video referee Robert Hicks’ decision to award a try to Josh Charnley in the Rhinos’ defeat to Warrington on Sunday.

The debate began in the 51st minute when Charnley went to the line, only for Leeds’ Brad Dwyer to clearly hold the ball up.

Unfortunately, because referee Chris Kendall had sent the decision up as a try, there wasn’t ‘sufficient enough’ evidence to overturn it.

But, Gale is still really unhappy about the decision.

“As I said on Sky TV straight after, I think everyone in the stadium and everyone watching at home knew it wasn’t a try, but the only person who thought it was was the one who mattered,” Gale told the Yorkshire Evening Post.

“Even after a few days, I find it quite remarkable the try was given. I was involved in the tackle and I’ve watched it three or four times since the game and just can’t understand how the video ref came up with the decision he did.

“You can handle the ref getting it wrong on the field. It is a tough call and he has to make an instant decision, but the video ref sees it slowed down, from different angles and at no point does he see the ball touch the floor.

“In fact, you can clearly see it hasn’t touched the floor, so they shouldn’t get it wrong twice. Don’t compound the first error with another.”

Gale won’t be in action for the next two games either, having been banned for “contact with the referee” after a bit of pushing and shoving with Warrington debutant George Williams.

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Graham Payne
1 year ago

The game is on it’s arse

D Thomas
D Thomas
1 year ago

I agree that the try shouldn’t have been awarded, but nobody is mentioning the multiple forward passes Leeds got away with, one of which resulted in Leeds second try