London Broncos settle into new impressive home stadium

London Broncos have been settling into their new home as they get ready for the 2022 Championship season.

Plough Lane, the home of AFC Wimbledon, will be the home of the capital club as the Broncos attempt to end a period of uncertainty over their home.

Owner David Hughes had previously stated the importance of making the move to the Wimbledon ground on the club’s website: “I’m fully aware that some have questioned this move. I’m also fully aware that our Club has moved around far too much in the past, sometimes not within our own control of course. But I want to be clear that this move is the best opportunity the London Broncos has for long term survival. There is no other option available to us like this one.

“Yes, we could play at a second or third tier Rugby Union venue but what is the long term option for that? We could have played at a non-league football club in recent years with the low numbers coming through the gates due to a mixture of Covid and poor displays on the field. But once again, where do we go from there in 5 years time?

“Plough Lane, or to give it the correct name of the Cherry Red Records stadium, is going to give us the opportunity to develop a crowd over a period of time that eventually will see the Club become self sufficient, or very close to being so.

“5000 fans in 3 years has to be the target. That is where we need to be and we have got the best chance of achieving that in the Wimbledon area and with AFC Wimbledon Football Club as partners in my opinion.”

The club has been very active on social media in recent days, highlighting the stadium and its impressive facilities to followers.

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