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“Little p***k” – Club chairman involved in incredible social media row

Keighley Cougars

The chairmen of two League One sides have become involved in a social media spat ahead of their game against each other today with Rochdale Hornets’ Andy Mazey lashing out at Keighley Cougars owner Ryan O’Neill in an extraordinary exchange.

Rarely do you see club owners and/or chairmen involved in such public spats but for the incident to happen a day before their teams take the field against one another is even more incredible.

Keighley Cougars will host Rochdale Hornets today at Cougar Park with the home side aiming to maintain their push for promotion which has turned into a battle with Oldham. Both teams sit on 22 points and have lost just once all season but Keighley are a long way behind on points difference.

With promotion from League One being decided by who tops the table, it’s crucial for both clubs to keep up their impressive starts but Keighley Cougars will be tested today with third-placed Rochdale Hornets visiting them.

The extra layer of spice has now been added after posts on X (formerly Twitter) between the club’s chairmen emerged last night.

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Keighley Cougars chairman labelled a “condescending little prick” in social media spat

Keighley Cougars are co-owned by Ryan O'Neill and Kaue Garcia, both of whom have sadly been the victims of vile homophobic abuse.

Credit: SWpix

The UK has just undergone a General Election with Labour landing a landslide win over the Conservative party but new party Reform, led by the controversial right-wing politician Nigel Farage, performed far better than many anticipated.

Keighley Cougars owner Ryan O’Neill, who is a staunch advocate of LGBT rights and has been subject to vile homophobic abuse in the past, reacted to a post suggesting that Farage is positive for the community.

That led Rochdale Hornets chairman Andy Mazey to label him “OTT”, suggesting that it was an act of “none stop attention seeking” as he posted more and more “political bile” with the full exchange at the bottom of the article.

The exchanges between the Keighley Cougars and Rochdale Hornets chairs continued before Mazey erupted and hit out at O’Neill in a bizarre outburst.

Reacting to the suggestion that X is for opinions, Mazey didn’t hold back with his: “I was on it five years before you and have three times more followers than you do you condescending little prick. Don’t give it (the) big one online with me”.

Incredibly, the pair will have a chance to ‘give it’ in person to each other today with their teams facing off, however, it’s yet to be seen if there will be a handshake between the duo. Mazey has since provided an update that he has unfollowed the Keighley Cougars owner, something O’Neill suggested was “probably for the best”.

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