Liam Moore hailed for refereeing performance in Castleford Tigers’ victory over Leeds Rhinos

To be a referee it takes a lot of guts.

They are the focal point of games and are often the talking point if a side feels they have been unjustly penalised.

Taking that into consideration, however, it is also important to bring attention to a referee when he has a superb game.

With the crackdown on foul play and indiscipline, referees have been thrust ever more so into the limelight, however, for referee Liam Moore on Saturday afternoon, he was in tremendous form.

As Castleford Tigers thrashed Leeds Rhinos, 40-16, there were no complaints from any corner about Moore’s performance – remarkable considering that losing teams’ fans tend to have a word to say about an official if they come away from the game frustrated.

Moore let the game flow, penalised when necessary and sent Leeds’ Brad Dwyer to the sinbin for a trip on Castleford’s Kenny Edwards which was, again, the right call.

A good referee is one you don’t notice and Moore simply stepped into the shadows with little interference in the game as a whole.

Most of social media was in agreement about the official’s performance and it really was a joy to behold.

Of course, Super League clubs met with the RFL last week about the direction in which the sport is going, but if Moore’s performance is anything to go by, then it is going in the right direction.

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