Leigh Leopards owner gives his view on controversial Championship Bash venue citing IMG ideas as reason why

IMG’s proposals for rugby league have been mostly supported by rugby league clubs.

Only Keighley Cougars voted against the proposals which suggest things like a bigger focus on international rugby league and fewer games.

They also suggest the end of the Magic Weekend due to an oversaturation of big events in the sport with the Grand Final and the Challenge Cup Final as well as suggesting a change to generic relegation and promotion from Super League instead favouring licencing which will see Grade A teams in Super League.

These two things could be said to be at the heart of discussion surrounding the Championship’s own big event: the Championship Bash.

The event, according to the York Press, is set to take place at York’s LNER Stadium after starting at Blackpool before moving to Leeds Rhinos’ Headingley last year with an attendance of 10,000.

Many are unimpressed with this venue as it essentially gives York an extra home game and some even see it as the beginning of the end of the event which could follow in the footsteps of the Magic Weekend which is set to come to an end after 2023.

However, Leigh Leopards owner Derek Beaumont has backed the venue believing that it is a great city which could help grow the game.

He also thinks it gives York the chance to develop into a Grade A club due to the event which would benefit the sport’s growth and tick more boxes for IMG.

Speaking on Twitter, he said: “I actually think this has legs and would visit. Great stadium in a city of interest that promotes a member club and brings revenue to the city and surrounding businesses demonstrating the benefit to their longer term support of growing it to a grade A club?”

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