Leigh Leopards ban specific chant

Last night Leigh Leopards battled Wigan Warriors in a huge game at Leigh Sports Village with Leigh pushing to secure fourth spot and Wigan battling to secure the League Leaders’ Shield.

Two local rivals it is always a big game when they meet but it was made even bigger by the circumstances.

Before the game, Derek Beaumont spoke about his excitement.

“I am super excited about this evening, it’s a massive occasion for the club to have our first ever sell out in Super League and break yet another record and another first for the club.

“To go into this game guaranteed as the most successful promoted club of all time makes me immensely proud and I thank Adrian his staff and the whole squad for achieving that.

“To put ourselves 80 minutes away from securing fourth place is a massive opportunity and one we will be fighting our hardest to take. Whilst we know there is a massive opportunity for our opponents that is not our focus, it is theirs.

“I was really excited before the first round which was a massive occasion but this has a bigger feel around it and we could have sold far more tickets with the game selling out prior to the week of the game. It’s a great position to be in and a great indicator of what to expect next season as we continue to grow the club.

“There will be a fantastic atmosphere this evening and with so much on the line for both clubs the fans will play a big part in getting behind them and I am sure there will be lots of chanting and rivalry to create that atmosphere.”

Beaumont did however ban a chant: “I must however notify all fans that the club does not tolerate anti sectarian songs and in particular it is wholly opposed to the flute song which is banned from being sung inside the ground. I would like to thank our fans from removing this song and supporting the club’s position on it and applaud them for the innovative chants that have been used instead to support our players.

“It is imperative I notify fans that the club is under a suspended fine from a previous breach of use of this chant and faces not only the imposing of the suspended fine but a significant additional five figure fine for a repeat. Therefore I must put all fans on notice that anyone singing the flute song that can be identified will be prevented from further entering the Leigh Sports Village in the future so as to protect the club from continuous increasing sanctions which can ultimately increase to being forced to behind closed doors. I sincerely hope that this will not be necessary and that everyone from both clubs has an enjoyable event and can do so with respect towards each other.”