Leigh Centurions owner Derek Beaumont reveals why he thinks rugby league is losing its appeal

Leigh Centurions owner Derek Beaumont will always have a great debate about the issues within the sport of rugby league.

Whether people agree with him or not, Beaumont’s opinion certainly gets people talking.

And, in one recent episode of the Rugby League Review podcast, the Leigh man revealed just why he began watching the sport and why the sport – he believes – is declining in appeal.

“I started watching it because of the brutality of it,” Beaumont told the podcast.

“It was the bust ups and the illegalised scrap and the ferocity of it and the fact that you could have a ding dong on the field and then still have a pint in the pub afterwards.

“That now has gone further away from rugby league and that’s why it is less appealing.

“Imagine if kick off was started by two guys in the centre and they would have a dust up,” Beaumont joked.

“The kids would love it – you play rugby you do get whacked.”

With the RFL’s insurance policy coming under scrutiny in the upcoming weeks, there will be all eyes firmly focused on any potential deal in that area.

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