Legendary players slam “career-killer” tackle from St Helens star

After the World Club Challenge, one thing that has been constantly brought up down under is Agnatius Paasi’s tackle on Taylan May which ended May’s season through injury.

The tackle has seemingly been slammed by all down under despite the fact neither the NRL nor RFL decided to take action against the St Helens star.

Now Matthew Johns has slammed the tackle as “a career killer” on SEN Radio.

He said: “They need to do something about that tackle, they really do.

“If I was the RLPA, Clint (Newton) is really fighting at the forefront for the players at the moment, but on the other side of it, they need to protect the players from themselves,” Johns said.

“You’ve got to go in there and make a statement on these tackles.

“In the past I know I’ve said I’m not in the business of telling teams and players how they should tackle, but these aren’t tackles. These are not tackles. They’re career-killers.”

Matthew’s brother Andrew Johns also took aim earlier in the week.

Speaking on WWOS’ Freddy and the Eighth, Andrew said: “Once again, get that tackle out of the game.

“You don’t need that third person coming into the tackle. If two players, and not even two players, two big boppers, have got a hold of the player, you should not have a third player coming in at the knees.

“He can’t see him coming. I don’t blame the player. Every team does it, every team trains for it.”

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