Legendary commentator heaps praise on Leeds Rhinos signing but identifies one area to improve

Andrew Voss has commentated on the best and biggest stars in the NRL and is now providing his voice for the Rugby League World Cup in England.

A legendary commentator believed on both sides of the world with many Super League fans wanting to see him commentate on the competition after hearing him cover some of the competition’s stars throughout the tournament.

He’s made friends of both Warrington Wolves and Leeds Rhinos fans praising both their stadiums even describing Headingley as “heaven.”

He’ll have endeared himself even more to Leeds fans for the praise he gave one of their new signings Justin Sangare.

The French prop arrives in Headingley from Toulouse Olympique in 2023 and impressed against England last week.

He “impressed” Vossy tonight as he identified the Frenchman as one of the only players capable of “punching a hole” in the Samoan pack which he described as “Jurassic Park” and likened to running through “a brick wall.”

On the French forward, Vossy said: “Justin Sangare, he did some very good runs in the first half. He’s punched a hole, or at least has threatened to punch a hole through this Samoa team.”

This might not seem like much, but the way Samoa have met the French with force down the middle as well as the size of their pack makes this praise even more impressive.

He later said when he went off: “I think they need to keep him out there. All I can think is he doesn’t have the motor to keep him through. He looks like the one who is going to break through the Samoan defence and the offload he produced there was lovely.”

So, the thing he needs to get Vossy’s full seal of approval is to do longer minutes which is perhaps something Rohan Smith may ask of him in 2023.

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