Legend returns for Hull derby

Peter Sterling has seen it all and done it all in rugby league, right through from winning four Premierships with Parramatta Eels, to State of Origin.

However, one day in particular saw him play a match-winning part in one of the fiercest rugby league rivalries. He inspired a comeback victory for Hull FC against old enemies Hull Kingston Rovers in the 1984 Yorkshire Cup Final.

During a whirlwind 18 months, the diminutive scrum half only had one taste of it. However, it’s definitely a rivalry that left a lasting impression on the Australian superstar, in a time which he describes as arguably the best of his life.

So, how does the Hull derby compare with the State of Origin?

“I think that’s a very good analogy.

“It’s definitely a case of, they hate us and we hate them, and I daresay it’s exactly like that in the Hull Derby, but I also think it’s based on respect.

“A healthy respect is always the basis of all good rivalries and competitiveness, so I know from my time at Hull that the bragging rights are very important, and one of the clubs are going to enjoy that.”

After entertaining an audience at the KCOM Stadium, he spoke of this truly unique game, which he believes is arguably the most intense of all.

He said: “When you think of sporting rivalries it’s right up there with the best of them, and I think the one you brought up between New South Wales and Queensland is pretty much alongside.

“If I put it in the same category as that, then that undoubtedly means that it’s intense.”

Continuing the comparison, he says: “Queensland just got sick and tired of being treated like second class citizens.

“New South Wales maybe got used to being dominant and fell into a false sense of security. Now, that rivalry just grows year-on-year, just because of what has come previous.

Both teams had impressive victories on the opening weekend of the season, and with such a superstar present, it promises to be yet another classic encounter in this truly divided city tonight.

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