Legal action taken by Wigan

Wigan Warriors are taking legal action against some of their sponsors in the wake of failed payments.

That was what General Manager of the club, Kris Radlinski, said at the Wigan fans’ forum early last week following the impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent pandemic.

“We’re trying to paint a rosy picture to attract new sponsors new investment into the sport, we’re in a situation where a couple of our sponsors due to Covid impacts on their businesses as well, who have failed to pay the last instalments,” Radlinski said.

“We’re down the road with legal action with a couple of them. But it’s just another issue which we’re dealing with. I made a comment to Ian the other day that obviously the team wasn’t playing well, and the team was losing.

“But that’s actually not in our top five problems at the minute when you consider the things that we have to navigate through from a business operational point of view and a financial point of view.

“Again, full transparency, it’s challenging times for us, but they’re the facts.”

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Todney Roberts
Todney Roberts
1 year ago