Leeds Rhinos will “investigate” defeat to Castleford confirms Rohan Smith

Leeds Rhinos boss Rohan Smith was clearly not very happy with his side’s defeat to Castleford Tigers.

Asked about it on Sky Sports, Smith simply said: “We played well last week, we played poorly today.”

That said he refused to say that Leeds’ injuries were a reason for the defeat in Newcastle today:

“No, I’ll never take having players missing into consideration. Sometimes the result of the game can be impacted on by personnel, but playing well and connected as a team should never be dependent on who is playing.”

Smith then confirmed that the Rhinos would “investigate” the result as they look for answers:

“Certainly we’ll investigate that result today. We had good energy and we’d recovered quite well from last weekend, the last few days of training. We’ve had two big games against Wigan and St Helens and we’ve been right up. Even before that we had a really tough hard game at Salford. So we’ve been up for a fair while against really good teams.

“Cas played well, I’m not taking anything away from them today, but we were poor. Probably lots of things have not gone well this season.”

He said that the Rhinos need to get more results:

“I’ve been very proud of nearly all of our performances in one way or another, but certainly it’s a results-based competition and we’re not far away from getting results, clearly.

“We’ve been in a lot of close games this season, but we’re a distance away from executing as well as we can on a more frequent basis.”